Welcome to online-jerseys.net

Video Game Store Owners / Distributors.... you've reached the right website. This site will only be for store owners, the general public will not have access. Take advantage of the site so it will all help us improve our video game businesses.

online-jerseys.net was established to form a community of independent retail video game stores from around the country in order to provide better customer service in your place of business. Forming this community with other retailers will allow access to thousands of different video games that your customers may ask about. Here are some of the advantages you can use on the site:

  • Price guide - fully customizable by each store if needed. Atari to current.
  • Buy Trade prices easily changed to suit your store needs with a single entry.
  • Customer Transaction page to quickly give running totals to your customers.
  • Customer printouts of the transaction for easy reference later to pricing games.
  • DVD Movie database containing UPC's for easy scanning / reference.
  • Fully operational Point of Sale Program coming soon.
  • Items listed in your inventory being seen on multiple selling platforms like Amazon, Half and Ebay at the click of a button.

online-jerseys.net will have a complete video game database on each system that is available for every single member. All members are allowed and strongly encouraged to list their own inventories for sale as well as members to create their own wanted items by setting their own prices.

online-jerseys.net will also provide an efficient and safe way to conduct business since all members will be verified. No worrying about if someone is a fly by night or irresponsible kid, everyone is verified.

The site will be free to use untilApril 2008. Thereafter membership fees will be $24.99 per month for retailers and will be free fordistributors for 6 months after signup.